Remote working in Nigeria: How we are adapting as an Interior design company.

Design at JCI is a collaborative effort, undertaken by a team of professionals; a family. Hence, last year when global happenings and health concerns made working from home necessary, we all considered the switch with a fair amount of uncertainty.
It had been obvious from the onset that the general implications of COVID-19 would change the way the world operated, and how everyone lived their lives. As many business and corporate landscapes around the world made the prompt shift from the conventional office working system to remote working, we followed suit and like others, faced our fair share of challenges with the unavoidable transition.

Being a practice that is ahead of the curve and on the path to attaining excellence, we built our design practice on innovative problem-solving platforms that allowed us to continue operations undeterred amidst the pandemic.

The current global health situation has created additional questions for professionals all over the world, and Interior designers have not been exempted. We have risen to the challenge by contributing our quota in strict adherence to health and safety guidelines.

No doubt it has been an interesting experience, somewhat like authoring a crash course while the crash happens. We have been through laborious times, but we have, through this, built on our strength, integrity, and have re-evaluated our service delivery in the bid to uphold the responsibilities to our dear clients.

In such a short time, we have seen so much change about what we understand and accept about living and working. With the change came challenges, new frontiers, innovations, and discoveries. The Nigerian Interior designers have a lot of challenges stacked against them and this is yet another opportunity for collaboration and coordination across platforms and practices to tackle these problems.

New standards are emerging as we respond to the additional problems we face as humans. We consider it our right to analyze the implications this new reality has on how we live, work, and communicate within built spaces, and seek the best likely outcomes on our projects. Taking advantage of being in the same context that we design for, facing the same problems as the clients we cater for. We draw insights, theories, and design ideas from the experiences we equally share and relate to: in creating the design solutions to our briefs.

Now more than ever, we understand and advocate for the salient position of design solutions that go beyond aesthetics. The commitment to crafting human-centered design should resume and be strong because we have experienced the impact our interior environment has on our lives and work. As the lines between these frontiers continue to blur in the face of technological advancements, the margin of the quality of the spaces we live in widens, and with it the proverbial question: ‘who will go for us?’

The problems we have to solve get more complex, but we only see that as a call to rally. We see that as new opportunities to bring the idea of the “perfect” interior closer to reality.

We don’t shy away from challenges; we instead beckon on them! We are designers. We are JCI.

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