Who We Are

We are a team of creative, innovative, and committed professionals devoted to redefining spatial experiences through interior architecture and design. Our team of professionals comprises interior architects, designers, and strategists.


With a decade in practice, JCI leverages the James Cubitt brand and its affiliates, boasting over 60 years of West African and 180 years of global design experience. This connection keeps us immersed in profound insights across the built environment industry, encompassing ongoing conversations, innovations, design trends, and technology applications on both international and local fronts.


With our collective experience in the industry, we’ve navigated various design challenges through our projects. This extensive background empowers us to prioritize meticulous and effective design practices, solutions, and products.


Informed by our industry expertise, our ethos revolves around the belief that a good design solution should hold significance for its users. With this principle at the core of our service, JCI consistently strives to craft spaces that foster movement, offer memorable journeys, and uphold respect for both users and the environment.

Customer Says