How the collective works?

With over a decade in the design and built environment, JCI offers interior design consultancy services and solutions to multinationals and high net worth individuals, seeking luxury and comfort. With an efficient blend of industry expertise, use of quality finishes, and top-notch service delivery, we provide interior services in Commercial, Educational, and Residential areas, as well as offer retail partnerships. 

To get in touch, please reach to us through the Contact section. We will then redirect you to a staff who is most suitable to process your request.

The first meeting with JCI aims to make an inventory of your project based on the examination of your current space. 

We are attentive to your project while you share details of the atmosphere you are looking for or aiming at achieving. Our team will immediately follow up with an interior design proposal and then chart the next steps


What is the time between the 1st appointment and the study of your interior architecture project?


The deadlines are very variable depending on the importance of the study and the scope of work to be carried out. The interior architect or visualizer will provide you with information on the duration of the mission from the first appointment but will not be able to offer you a full schedule until after the study of your project. The sections Projects allow you to consult examples of projects and their duration of realization, from study to delivery.

Payment is scheduled as agreed with the client based on the proposed contract, work scope and timeline.