JCI offers Commercial interior design services for, Workplace, Retail, and Hospitality Projects. We also provide ID services for mid to high-end residential projects through our partner businesses.

Following our experience in the industry, we are conscious that between sourcing for items ( FFE+ OSE), vendors, specifying order details, pricing different options, reviewing and placing the orders, and Logistics coordination, a lot of oversight can occur.

We provide mid to large-scale end-to-end project sourcing and procurement services through industry partnerships.

With over 60 years as a design brand, and 12 years as an Interior Architectural Firm, JCI leverages its relationship with its affiliates and partners to offer unique solutions for organizations seeking this service.

We create meaningful and unique work environments that address user-specific needs and align with people, place and purpose.

We assess current and future interior environment to ensure its alignment with best practices and industry metrics for wellness and sustainability, identifying where it falls short and proffering appropriate corrections.

JCI believes that project costs, time frames, and quality are all factors that can be controlled.

We give the utmost attention to achieving smooth facilitation and sound execution of any design project.

We ensure risks are identified early in order to plan, control, monitor, and mitigate those risks.