What We Do

Design Services

JCl offers innovative design services, specializing in commercial interiors for workplaces, healthcare , educational , retail spaces, and hospitality projects.
Our thought leadership extends to mid to high-end residential projects, seamlessly delivered through strategic partnerships with trusted businesses

Workplace Strategy

With a legacy of 70 cumulative years in design excellence, We lead the way in transforming workspaces.
Our strategic design expertise optimizes productivity, fosters collaboration, and prioritizes employee well-being, shaping an influential and thriving work environment.

Design Management

We assess current and future interior environment to ensure its alignment with best practices and industry metrics for wellness and sustainability, identifying where it falls short and proffering appropriate corrections.

Sourcing and Procurement

Leveraging industry expertise, we navigate the complexities of sourcing and procurement, overseeing everything from item selection to logistics coordination with precision and thought leadership.